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Chi is a fantastic professional and person. She’s able to hit the floor running, keep oversight over a million little things, keep stakeholders involved, whilst making the deadline. She is thorough, diligent and has a positive mindset. She has proven to be essential for the success of our global ESG projects within Media.Monks and I can highly recommend her services.

Regina Romeijn / Global Head of ESG, MEDIA.MONKS

Chi has proven her excellent ability to connect, be sensitive and accommodative to the client’s needs and demands and factor in the local context in assessing a company’s sustainability performance. I was also very satisfied with Chi’s attitude towards learning. She took in criticism and feedback with an open mind and transformed them into improving her skills. She is independent, insightful, energetic and trustworthy.

Naut Kusters / Managing Director, TRAVELIFE

Chi is a brilliant sustainable tourism expert with whom I had the pleasure of working on EU and Swiss-funded projects in Vietnam. Chi’s passion for sustainability and commitment to making a difference in the tourism industry was truly inspiring. Her expertise in developing and delivering engaging webinars and training for private sector companies and government agencies was invaluable. Throughout our many years of working together, Chi’s unwavering commitment to our common goals has helped us overcome various challenges and her creative problem-solving skills have repeatedly led to successful results. Working with Chi has been an absolute pleasure and I can say with a clear conscience that she is a true leader in the field of sustainable tourism.

Kai Partale / Senior Managing Partner, BENCHMARK SERVICES

Chi was extremely good at explaining the difficult terms and giving examples which were relevant to us all here in Zambia. She was very aware of what might or might not be possible in our country and was very good at asking questions of what could be done or what was not found here. We enjoyed the interactive parts of the workshop as it allowed everyone to be involved. She is very good at managing the participants and the timings for the course and covered a huge amount of topics and information in the four days we had. Time flew by!

Jessica Salmon / Owner & Director, FLATDOGS CAMP

Chi did an amazing job speaking for 8 hours. She was nice, friendly, calm, and always had a smile. They took all the questions seriously and answered them from the heart.

Caroline Deiman / Cruise Director, SEA TREK SAILING ADVENTURES

Chi is very knowledgeable in her field, and her positive energy is contagious! Was great to work with her.

Ayman Abd-AlKareem / Co-founder & General Manager, EXPERIENCE JORDAN ADVENTURE

I have worked with Chi in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. I am impressed by her knowledge, eye for detail, and ability to work on different levels. She is able to quickly adjust to get people and companies excited about the relevance of incorporating sustainability/ESG, and to get them to work and successfully put things into practice

Marlon van Hee / Tourism expert/coach/consultant/trainer, ECEAT

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Xin chào! My name is Chi Nguyen, founder of Empower Element.

I am a sustainability thinker, collaborator, and problem solver who excels at simplifying complex ideas and finding creative solutions.

For over a decade, my focus has been on discovering the most efficient and effective ESG solutions that engage teams to get the job done. I understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the jungle of sustainability standards and frameworks out there.

Through hard work, experience and some bumps on the road, I’ve honed my skills and developed Empower Element to share my knowledge with others.

My goal is to help you improve your ESG performance efficiently and effectively, with no compromises.

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